Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why too much plastic will be the death of us.

What's worse than Global warming? TOO MUCH PLASTIC!!! It's downright scary. I know we live in a world surrounded by plastics these days and really we can't get away from it. BUT, we CAN certainly reduce the use of it. If you can spare 5 minutes of your time and watch the video below on Garbage Island, you will understand why Plastic will end up killing us before Climate Change does.

So, I'm doing my part first, by refusing to buy bottled water. Our municipal water is just fine. In fact, I wish the government would ban the product. Second, I also try to reuse plastic bags as much as possible. These are two very easy ways to control our addiction to plastic. The next step would be to avoid buying anything new which is plastic. That would be a whole lot harder, but at least be more aware of it when it comes to buying something new. Can you buy something similar which will have as long a life, if not longer which isn't made of plastic? We all have choices. Some are easy, some aren't so easy. Just think about it the next time you encounter plastic choices.

I know we all have reusable bags lying all over the house, but how many times do we end up using them? Well, to make it easier, I made myself a reusable cloth bag from the pile of fabric which I have collected over the years. I made the bag foldable into a very compact size which can then be easily placed in my purse. That way, it is always there ready to be used, instead of lying around somewhere forgotten at home. One thing I've noticed about plastic bags is that the sharp corners of facial tissue boxes always immediately renders the plastic bags useless by poking holes into them. So, using a reusable cloth bag makes more sense.

For grocery shopping, I place a whole bunch of bags (plastic or not) into one large reusable shopping bag which I hang onto a kitchen chair. So, by habit, I always grab these bags first before I go out grocery shopping.

Any plastic bags which are still in good shape, including plastic packaging of econo size bathroom tissue rolls, can always be reused for lining waste baskets. I always try to reuse plastic bread bags for packaging sandwiches instead of grabbing a sheet of plastic wrap, or worse, using a ziplock baggie only once.

Does anyone else have good suggestions on how to reduce our use of and/or dependency on plastic?

Using 2 pieces of fabric (2 large hankies), one button and a piece of sturdy string...

I made this compact size reusable cloth bag.

It unfolds into a full size bag (I call it my Maryjane Bag)

On a recent trip to PharmaPlus, I easily stuffed the contents shown below into this bag.

4 boxes of facial tissue, 3 bottles of shampoo and 2 packages of a 6-pack soap

Please watch this video on "Garbage Island". It is very informative.

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