Sunday, November 2, 2008

Post Halloween

Halloween came and went. I missed not carving a pumpkin this year. I wish we could have played some harmless tricks, like placing real spiders on top of our bowl of treats for the little kids to pick from. The idea came to me when we spotted a scary hairy spider crawling on our wall the next day. Actually, it was a rather cute little fellow, quite tiny. Maybe next year, I'll start collecting a whole bunch of spiders beforehand and place a jarful of them right next to the treats. That would be a neat trick. In case you were wondering, Dick, do not worry. We had our fun with our fuzzy little friend and shoo'd it outdoors when we were done playing with it. I know how you feel about keeping wildlife indoors.

My sister Irene, b-i-l Wayne and my niece Patricia came by to visit yesterday. They very kindly offered to drive me to the nearby supermarket to do my weekly grocery shopping. That saved me a trip of having to lug back a big bag of milk. My kids and I will be living a carless life while Dick is away. That's because even though I can drive, I'm choosing not to. Partly because I don't enjoy driving and partly because I wanted to test out if we can survive for a short period without the use of a car. It's my on-going attempt to teach my family to be more environmentally friendly. I'd say we are doing rather well so far. I know I should have resisted Wayne's offer, but it was just too tempting to refused. Even if Wayne hadn't offered us a ride, I would have managed since the supermarket is less than a 15 minute walk away and I have 2 strapping young men who can help me haul our groceries back. Anyways, I made sure that we were fully stocked in our non-perishable items, so that we only needed to pick up fresh produce each week as needed.

I'd like to thank Irene Wayne and Patricia for treating us to chinese take-out last nite, so I didn't have to cook. I will be doing major cooking today though. I'm thinking of making some fried rice with last nights leftovers and some ham, then preparing some stuffed chicken breast and heating up some frozen lasagna to make full use of the oven. That ought to provide us with enough ready to eat meals til about mid-week.

So, on top of all our own leftover treats from Halloween, Irene brought over a whole bunch of their leftover Halloween treats. We are now up to our ears with sweets. Looks like I'm gonna have to bring some into the office to reduce the stash.

The day after Halloween, we found this creepy crawlie climbing on our wall

It's a cute little guy, quite tiny

Leftover Treats

More Leftover treats


Heat_It_Up said...

Hey, save me some treats! I really miss chocolate and I'm afraid to try it here in China.

Anastasia said...

Ewwww...why do you take pictures of a spider...ewwwww...the gooseberry was totally cute though...

Joanie.S said...
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Joanie.S said...

Go on Dick, I'm sure their chocolates are perfectly safe to eat. You weren't afraid to drink their tap water, their milk products or their white rabbit candies. When in China, do as the Chinese do. Live on the edge.