Sunday, November 16, 2008

Craft Day

It snowed today. Big giant pieces of snowflakes came floating down but didn't stick around. Snow days like this I don't mind.

I finally completed one of my sewing projects. To begin the story, I purchased some oven mitts several years ago which the kids love using for retrieving hot dishes from the microwave oven. It was the perfect size for their hands. They were not too oversize like some potholders which can often dip into the food. What I liked about these mitts was that they had magnets sewn into them so they can be easily attached to the fridge door. But after years of use, they became quite decrepit looking.

Time for a new pair. So, here's my version. I searched far and wide the past few days for some magnet strips to go into the mitts, but I never did find them. So, I tried cutting up some old fridge magnet ads (like from pizza places and dental offices)and inserting them into my newly sewn mitts. But these magnets just weren't strong enough to keep the mitts stuck on the fridge. My last resort was to attach a tie on them so they can be hung on kitchen cupboard knobs or hooks instead. I also made a round version of the oven mitt because they are actually easier to make but like the square oven mitts, my kids found them too cumbersome. Even though they are more difficult to sew, the oval design won out. Stick in a cute little Pillsbury Doughboy and it's ready to be part of a gift arrangement.

Another sewing project I may work on later would be the little personalized hanging stocking ornaments. I try to make new ornaments each year to hang on the Christmas tree. The Derek & Colin Stockings are 2 of my favourite keepsakes.

I didn't get around to playing with Model Magic this year yet. I love playing with Model Magic. It's like Playdough, but much nicer to work with and air dries into a soft dry product, perfect for ornament making. The boys and I have made many Model Magic ornaments over the years. One of my favourite is a Beaver I made last year for Connie Tam because that's her favourite animal. I liked it so much that I made one for myself to keep. Colin likes the angry snowman. Derek likes, what else, the christmas turtle.

Big Giant Snowflakes come floating down from the sky .... So pretty

Old pair of microwave oven mitts with fridge magnet inserts

Very old & decreipt looking

New microwave oven mitts

Pop a pillsbury doughboy in

Assorted microwave mitts

Hanging mitts

Hanging Stocking ornaments

Snowman & snowwoman ornaments

Personalized on the back

More ornaments

Angry snowman and friendly beaver


Connie said...

Your soo art-sy Joan! Magnets are soo hard to find, the only alternatives are those little donut magnets from the hardward store, or those really useless printable magnet sheets from stationary stores. Maybe Active Surplus would have some or some sort of crafts store.

I love the ornaments and the Philbury Dough Boy figure! Reminds me of a marshmallow with an evil grin. I'm still scared of that little fella due to tv (especially MADtv .. with the evil dough boy). RE: Evil snowman and friendly beaver. If there was a fight with the friendly beaver vs the evil snowman, the beaver will win!! It has the candy cane as offense and defense ... .: the snowman is no match against the beaver!

Joanie.S said...

Thanks for the magnet tips. I was told that most hardware stores will sell all sorts of magnets. It almost doesn't matter any more since my sewing machine broke down, so my crafting days are on hold.

Hey, my angry snowman and friendly beaver do not get into fights. Even tho he is an angry snowman, he does not fight. He's just ANGRY!