Friday, November 7, 2008

My 2-Week Vacation Begins

Well, today was the end of a very lovely week in November, with temperatures hovering in the mid to high teens for most of the week. But, more importantly, today at 4:30 PM, or to be more precise at 4:45 PM, my 2-week vacation started!!!!

The morning started nicely enough. All week long, due to the roll back of one hour, to revert back to Eastern Standard Time, my morning commute became lighter, as in I can see more daylight. As I make my way to the bus stop each morning, starting around 6:40 AM, I can actually see streaks of sunlight, fighting it's way out from behind the dark grey sky on my one hour plus trek to work. Can't say the same about my commute back home though.

For my lunch break, I decided to go for a walk outdoors to take advantage of this balmy November weather we are having. It reached a high of 18C on Wednesday, but didn't break the record of 20C in 1938. It was more like 12C today, although some people must have thought it was still summer. Throughout my walk, I spotted many people dressed in short sleeves.

I made my way towards the St. Lawrence Market area and made a pit stop at Dominion, now being re-branded as Metro. I will still refer to it as Dominion because Metro sounds too much like a newspaper or a transit system, not a Supermarket. After that, I wandered into the nearby Sculpture Garden. It's such a different part of the downtown core where it feels like you are in a small village. It was a most enjoyable walk. I made my way back to the office to spend my final 2 hours before I head home to begin my Glorious 2 Week Vacation. Woohoo!!!!

Dawn breaks as I make my way to the bus stop.

This is the ravine I passed by each day. It looks dark in this picture, but it is actually quite light out for being 6:45 in the morning

Here we have some more light peeping out as I get closer to the bus stop

Here I am at Finch subway at around 7:15 AM. I'm half way there.

At my lunch break, I went for an afternoon walk towards King & Bay. Somebody thinks it still Summer. Probably some dumb Ryerson student, not like us smart Ryerson Grads.

You can tell it's November by the Poppy being worn, but otherwise, it looks more like late September weather for some people. It is actually about 12C

Here's a man enjoying the lovely November weather while strolling along St. Lawrence Market with his pooch.

Here's a nice courtyard, just outside of the Dominion Supermarket.

Just north of Dominion is a Sculpture Garden

Contrast the bare trees or nearly bare trees with the Flower Pots. It's hard to tell what season this could be.

Isn't this Mushroom Sculpture so Kawaii?

It looks like maybe a Hobbit lives in there

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