Saturday, November 15, 2008

Home Cooking & Cooking Abroad

Today, I finally started some sewing projects but will not be finished til maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile, I baked some banana muffins, banana bread and some Frosty Flakes Christmas Wreaths. For dinner I made some Shrimp Pad Thai. It turned out really well, but I must give credit to a girl who hails from Bangkok for all her good tips on how to make Pad Thai. If you want to give it a try, I recommend you go to Chez Pim's blog to learn how to make Pad Thai at She goes into very fine details, but it's well worth the read.

After our most excellent meal, we sat down to watch "Chef Abroad". Tonite's episode featured Chef Micheal Smith dining in Tokyo restaurants. It turned out to be a horror show for Derek as they were showing us how turtle soup and turtle sushi were prepared. Derek coudn't bear to watch this portion of the show. He finally resumed watching when they switched the topic to eating Fugu Sushi. Fugu (blow fish/pufferfish) is a fish which contains deadly poison in the organs. Fugu sushi is the World's Most Deadly Feast. We witnessed Chef Michael Smith eating it. He was extremely hesitant, but he did it. He was quite worried when he said he felt a strong tingling sensation on his lips. We think this might be his final episode. Just kidding of course. He was quite proud that he survived the Fugu Sushi eating challenge at the end of the show. Way to go Chef Michael!!! He's one brave soul.

Banana muffins, Banana Bread & Frosty Flakes Wreaths

Yummy Shrimp Pad Thai

I got 2 thumbs up for this dish

Derek couldn't stand watching his beloved turtles being butchered for soup. Even Colin was crying about it

Okay, it's safe to view again

Fugu Sushi Chef

Cute Fugu (Blow Fish/Pufferfish)

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