Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome Home Dick

Dick and his parents came back from their China trip last night. Dick came back just in time to help shovel snow. Heh heh heh.

They came back in good spirits and happy to be Home Sweet Home. Dick picked out a very silky smooth jacket and some beautiful leaf paintings for me. The boys got yet more Nintendo games and some Nintendo plushies. I'm thinking we should buy some shares in Nintendo now. Dick's mom bought for me and the boys some really cool signature stamps with our astrological signs engraved on the sides. We got some other assorted gifts to bring to my parents.

I felt I already re-lived their trip through postings from Dick's blog, but now we get to listen to some fill-ins of what cannot be published publicly. Those stories are always more entertaining to listen to, but unfortunately, not in mixed company.

Dick and his parents return to a Winter Wonderland in Canada

Grandma waves hi to us

The three amigos are happy to be home

The boys welcome dad back with star confetti

Joan shows off her new jacket and leaf paintings from Dick

Toys for the boys

Assorted gifts from China & Hong Kong

Dick's mom bought signature stamps for Derek, Joan & Colin

Derek is a Rooster, Joan is a Rat and Colin is a Lamb

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