Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cookies, Crafts & Shakespeare

I was in the mood to do some baking today. Since we still had some candies leftover from halloween, I decided to make cookies with them. It's basically a chocolate chip cookie base filled with Smarties and chopped up KitKat and Coffeee Crisp pieces. I made some Frosted Flake Squares too, a variation on Rice Krispies Squares.

Since a few of Colin's friends were coming by today to practice their script for a Hamlet Play, I had to basically make myself scarce because there's nothing worse than having a parent around to ruin a bunch of teenagers' fun. I decided to hide in my bedroom to do some reading and to spend time in my Craft Room to do some crafting. I had made a Japanese paper washi doll artwork a few years back but wasn't entirely pleased with it. So, I re-worked it by adding in some dried leaves and berries from the dried plant collection I had gathered earlier last month. Dick likes to refer to my dried plant collection as "yardwaste" and doesn't understand why I need to collect so much of it. Well, I am finally finding a use for them. I may find more uses for them in the upcoming weeks.

Oh, besides being a possible source of embarrasment for Colin and his friends, I was also told that I can't hang dry our clothes in our family room. I had to move the clothes rack to an insconspicuous area. So, I had no choice but to move it into my bedroom.

Derek and I had fun making these treats

Japanese Paper Washi Doll Art (This was what it looked like after I removed the previous dried up looking cedar needles. They were looking tired and faded)

Japanese Paper Washi Doll Art (After addition of dried leaves & berries)

Clothing Rack had to be moved into my bedroom ...
So that Colin's friends can practice doing their Hamlet Script in the Family Room.

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