Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spinning Toys

I promised to do a post on spin-toys and at long last, here it is.

When I left my office job, I received a lovely card from a favourite summer student of mine. To my delight, a spinning butterfly came fluttering out when I opened it! It's this sort of simple, yet unexpected surprise which brings pleasure for me. Yes, it's the oddest things that bring me pleasure. I immediately thought to myself, I need to re-create this somehow.

So, after a few attempts and some help from hubby and son, we managed to put together 2 fairly good samples but I must admit that I'm still on the look out for more appropriate wiring supplies to re-create a better model. This is still a work in progress and so it goes back on the shelf for another day.

Using some pretty paper, paperclips, mini rubber bands and some tools, we attempted to fashion our own spin-toys.

The butterfly is the professionally made model. The lady bug and bee are obviously the home-made models.

Here's how the spin toy works. First hold it by the bumble bee's bum and start winding the wing part.

When it's been turned several revolutions.....

release and let it spin..... wheeeeeeeee......... Ok, then. That was about 10 seconds of fun. Definitely worth it!

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