Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sushi Birthday Cake

Being Japanophiles, I was instantly enthralled by a Sushi Cake website my hubby recently introduced me to. So, I immediately requested that for my birthday, I'd like to go shopping for all the ingredients to make my very own Sushi Cake. I'm excited to now show how much fun I had making this Sushi Cake.

First, we made some sushi rice. We flavoured it with salt, rice vinegar, sugar and toasted sesame seeds.

Then we formed the cake base.

Now for the fun part... We made some flower decorations using salmon sashimi, clams, squid and mint leaves.

We added on shrimp, flying fish eggs, enoki mushroom and romaine lettuce...

... and voila! A yummy sushi cake, ready to serve!

For my birthday, my family gave me 2 birthday cards. Hubby picked out a card with cutesy animals and purple flowers for me. But my older son insisted on also giving me another one especially hand-picked by him. Awwww, I knew he really cared about me, even though he pretends not to.

Here's what it said on the front. So, he really does listen to me, even though he pretends not to.

... he even thinks I'm wise. And all this time, I thought I was nothing more than a nag and an annoyance to him.

This is so sweet. I'm so touched. (^ ~^)//

I got a cute ladybug mouse. I still don't know what all those black dots are for. Nothing seems to happen when I press on them. I just don't get how some of these high tech gadgets work?!?!?

Among other goodies & treats, I also got more paper crafts to add to my collection. With this, I will post on how to make spinning paper toys next.

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