Monday, March 21, 2011

Denim Craft

I recently had a friendly exchange with an acquaintance, discussing carbon footprints and it got me to thinking about ways to reduce my carbon footprint, but still have fun at the same time. As an Arts & Crafts enthusiast/budding environmentalist, I'm constantly looking for ways to create something new out of something old.

I had a pair of old blue jeans that I couldn't bear to part with but I had to admit that its days were numbered. So when that day came, instead of tossing it out to add to the landfill, I thought that maybe, just maybe, I can make something cute with it.

Originally, I was thinking of making an egg for a bunny or chick to pop out of. But the egg didn't quite turn out the way I wanted. As with most of my craft projects, they often end up as UFOs (Un-Finished Objects).

But not this time, baby. I was determined to finish what I started. Nevermind that the end product has changed. I decided that my egg should become a flowerpot instead. I stuck some dried bamboo branches and dried jasmine leaves (potential yard waste from my garden), stuck some puffy stars on them and voila.... A home decor item. I call it the "Make a Wish upon a Star" Plant.

Although I did use brand new ribbon to make the puffy stars, I will use ribbon scraps to make a more colourful arrangement next time. This way, I can claim that my work was made entirely out of old material.

This pair of blue jeans served me well, but the day came when I had to lay it down to rest. Sob, sob...

A couple of the belt loops had already come loose.

There were big gaping holes that no amount of patching could have helped.

I knew there was a way I could incorporate bamboo twigs from my backyard into my crafts.

So here's the completed "Make a Wish upon a Star" Plant!

As always, my biggest wish is for "World Peace", but of course I wish that my beloved Japan's troubles will be over soon and that the rest of the world can learn from them, especially how orderly and calm their citizens remained while coping with this triple (earthquake, tsunami, nuclear radiation) disaster.
Heiwa (Peace)

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