Friday, April 1, 2011

Finger Puppet Plushies.

I think I have found my most favourite blog of all time. She loves a lot of the same cute Japanese characters that I love.

As well, we share very similar hobbies PLUS she posts a lot of "How-to" tutorials so that her readers can try them out for themselves. As soon as I saw her stuffed Behemoth Chicken, I knew I had to make one of my own.

I had so much fun with my first plushie that I just kept going and going, non-stop, making more and more of these plushies. I did tweak my plushies a bit by making them into finger puppets. This idea came to me because I remembered my collection of finger puppets I got while visiting Japan.

My family loves these toys so much that I'm getting requests to do more and more of their other favourite characters. Dick wants me to make some superheroes and some Star Trek spaceships. Not sure how I can cutefy those items? But I will make a few more characters for his Katamatari collection.

Help!!! I need to stop this madness soon because I want to move on to other actvities, like re-creating Annathered's other ideas, such as her Bento Box food items, the Totoro chocolates and the Totoro Cream Puffs...

Aaaaahhhhh!!! Too many new play ideas, which one do I want to do next????? At this rate, my gardening plans may have to be put on hold.

Here's my version of the Behemoth Chicken. It's Colin's favourite. He calls it "Eggy".

I made an insert for it, so that it can be both a hanging toy and a finger puppet.

Next up is a steamed bun. This one is everyones' favourite. It can transform from a steamed bun into a rice ball (onigiri) or a blimp, depending on how you squish it.

Here's my attempt at making Kirby, Derek's favourite. I felt that the arms were too long so Dick said I should just make it into a Kirby airplane. I thought about making its arms wrap around an object like it was hugging it and so...

.... here he is hugging his feet. Now the arms don't look so oversized.

This one is a red pikmin, one of Colin's favourite video game characters.

Speaking of video games, Dick wanted me to make the Prince from one of his favourite games, Katamari Damacy. It's a really strange game where the Prince goes around pushing a ball that gathers more and more objects until it becomes so big, it rebuilds the universe. Dick wanted me to form this ball by gluing together lego pieces and old toy parts. I will have to do a separate post for this very odd video game. Here's Totoro, a family favourite from the Studio Ghibli films.
This is his pal, Chu-Totoro.

This is Chibi-Totoro. It looks like a tooth.

Here's the collection, so far... There'll be more coming.

Here are the plushies and other toys we had around the house that I used as models for my finger puppet plushies.

Here's my favourite one.

Long armed Kirby... still very cute.

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