Monday, May 18, 2009

Pop-Up Cards

I just found another distraction to pre-occupy my time. Making Pop-up Cards!

It all started because Connie, our summer student returned to the workplace. I was quite excited to see Connie back because she is an amazing worker. I can give her a pile of work and she'll complete it in less than half the time expected and she's always eager to do more. The other thing great about Connie is her love of card making and cartooning. You can check out one of her artwork here. She's delighted a lot of people with many of her offerings like Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards and even cute little personalized Chinese Takeout baskets containing candy treats on her last day of work last summer. So of course, I wanted to return the favour by creating a Card made especially for Connie.

Anyways, I was always fascinated by Pop-up Art. I can spend hours browsing the Kids Book section admiring all the pop-up and peek-a-boo illustrations and pictures which can slide in and out in the kiddie books. They make reading so much more fun. So, here are my first three attempts at making Pop-Up Cards. They are not as polished or professionally looking as the Hallmark Cards, but they are all unique and can be personalized!

Here's Connie's "Welcome Back" Card

... which opens out into a Birthday card. It's a "Welcome Back/Birthday" Combo Card. I have to give some credit to my son, Derek, who showed me how to properly fold the nose part to make it stick out the right way. If you close and open the card, it looks like the Beaver is talking.

Here's a Mother's Day Card I made for my Mommy-in-law.

I goofed already because I forgot to cut out a connecting section on the top part of the Orchid Plant to make it stay in place. Fortunately, my hubby, Dick made a really good suggestion. Can you see the pink spring-like paper tab I stuck to the back of one of the flowers?

Here's a Birthday Card I made for my Dad.

I don't know what Dick was thinking of, but this is not a "Happy Goth" card, it's a "Happy 90th" Birthday Card. I sort of messed up this card a bit too with some smudges. But again, Dick came up with another helpful suggestion. He said I should draw a couple of pandas waving around some bamboo to cover up those smudges. That was a great idea and it really added more cuteness to the card.

Yes, I had to cover up another smudge on the back of the card with another panda waving bye-bye.

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