Sunday, December 21, 2008

Connie pays a visit/Sweet Treats & Other Goodies

This past Friday, Connie braved the first real snowstorm of the year for the GTA to come visit her friends in Reorg. She did not come empty-handed. She put together pinwheel cookie packages and hand-drawn personalized Holiday Cards for everyone. It took her over 2 hours to make it through the height of the snowstorm which dumped nearly 20 cm of snow on the ground. It normally takes her less than half an hour for this trip. Undeterred, Connie made it.

Why did she choose this day to come visit? Well, she had just finished completing all kinds of assignments and writing exams and then right away got to work baking treats and creating about a dozen homemade cards before making her trek and she had to do it by Friday because that was Angie's last day with us. She's so thoughtful!

Connie made different and unique cards for everyone, including a belated birthday card for Kelly. Knowing that I have taken an interest in trying to be environmentally friendly, the card Connie made for me was of an environmental beaver discreetly unplugging the Christmas Lights. I actually enjoy Christmas Lights, but like the beaver, we only keep the lights on for brief periods, like when I'm wrapping presents and preparing stocking stuffers. The Christmas Lights do bring on a kind of magic and spirit to the season. The talented Connie even created her own signature Beaver Stamp for the envelopes. So now, even her envelopes will be keepsakes.

During this holiday season, I also received baked goodies from other fellow bakers like Shalini and Patricia. Shalini made some melt-in-your mouth shortbread, as did Patricia, whose shortbread cookies included craisins. All those goodies were so good with a nice Cuppa Joe. Thank you girls!

This is the envelope with Connie's Beaver Stamp

Connie knows me too well in my baby step attempts to save the environment

Cookie treats from Shalini, Connie & Patricia

They all hit the spot with a cuppa joe.

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Connie said...

joan i feel so honoured being the main attraction of this post!
and yes i dragged my butt thorough the freakish canadian weather to see you guys and such.

i was thinking of posting all the cards i drew on my blog, but how i scanned them on my desktop turned out a little funky... and i 'accidentally' broke the tail off the beaver stamp ... it needs surgery stat! hopefully a little super glue would make it last, i was thinking bout making a new one. i messed up the eyes beforehand so i had to make an 'eye' stamp to restamp them all ...

i tried to do my signature, but i wasn't smart enough and forgot to make the design backwards ...

and thanks again for the plush gingerbread ornament, iit reminds me of gingy from Shrek!