Saturday, April 11, 2009

LCBO Origami Gift Boxes & Easter Egg Cookies

I have to hand it to the LCBO for their excellent production of the LCBO Magazines which come with beautiful photographs featuring their various liquid products. They come complete with recipes and ideas on how to pair different liquors with different dishes, often portrayed in very artistic & gourmet styles.

It's too bad I'm not a drinker (or maybe that's a good thing). So after skimming through this beautiful magazine, I end up tossing it in the Blue Box for recycling. But, I thought to myself, such beautiful artwork shouldn't end up in the recycling bin. It just didn't seem right. So I fished it back out and decided to make origami boxes with them. These pages are perfect for making origami boxes. They contain beautiful images, they are made of high quality glossy sturdy paper and best of all, they are already in a perfect square.

Although other magazines don't have the same high quality features as the LCBO magazines, be sure to skim through them first and pick out pages with potential before tossing them into the Blue Bin. You never know what beautiful boxes can be crafted out of these pages.

Depending on the sizes, each box can be used for collecting knick knacks like pushpins, coins, paper clips, beads, buttons, etc.... Or they can even be used as gift boxes for small fun gift items like brooches, bracelets, earrings, and even edible treats like homemade cookies.

So what are origami boxes? Origami is the art of paper folding to create artful objects using a single piece of paper only. If you have to use scissors, glue, tape or any other adhesives to create your piece of art, that is considered cheating. Of course you would need scissors to cut the paper into a square and size that you want to begin with first,but you can't use scissors thereafter. You'd be amazed at some of the beautiful artwork that can be created out of a single piece of paper, but I digress. Today we are going to concentrate on box making only. I love making Origami Boxes because they are both beautiful and functional. If you want to get fancy, there are books that will teach you how to make gorgeous boxes that will really wow the recipients.

You can check out this video to find out how you can make a basic origami box using an old Christmas Card.

How To Make An Origami Gift Box - The funniest bloopers are right here

Here are 2 boxes lids I made from 2 uncut LCBO pages.

Even the inside of the box looks beautiful.

Here are some other boxes I made using more LCBO pages and pages from some other magazines. Once you make one, you can't stop. Warning: This activity can become addictive. If this gets out of hand, I may have to join Origami Anonymous one day. Here are some more boxes of various sizes. The smaller ones are suitable for encasing fun jewelry gifts, or maybe even love notes.

For Easter, I couldn't resist making batches of Easter themed cookies. You-know-who (his name begins with the letter"D") thinks turtles should always be included in every cookie making session.

Here are the Easter Egg and Turtle Easter Egg cookies we made. The big cookie with all the colours mixed in there is the last cookie made with all the scraps and ends of the different colour cookie dough. That's always the most fun piece to make. We call the last cookie we make the crazy mixed up cookie.

Here are some of the cookies nicely wrapped up, ready to be packed away into the origami boxes.

They fit in perfectly. Happy Easter everyone!

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