Sunday, April 26, 2009

I got published in the Liberal Newspaper!

Last Sunday, I emailed both Mayor Barrow and councilor Godwin Chan in Richmond Hill to voice my concern over the under publicized, but very useful service of providing riders a cheap and easy way to get from the Richmond Hill Centre to Toronto Pearson International Airport. I also emailed my concern to the local Liberal newspaper. As promised, the Liberal Newspaper published my letter in this Sunday's edition.

As it turns out, I was not alone in my concern, since two other readers also wrote in with their say. My letter was a little long-winded compared to the other 2 letters, so I'm gonna have to learn to be more concise and to the point in future. I must admit, I do tend to be a rambler. Anyways, it is nice to know that it is so easy to be heard these days with today's information technology.

I actually first learnt of my published letter because my councilor responded to my email saying he agreed with my concern and thanked me for my letter. The Mayor also responded after my letter was published in the paper. Now I realize the power of Published Work!

Anyways, this did prompt GO Transit to place another Ad in the Liberal Paper in the Thursday April 23 2009 edition. But I have to say their Ad was rather dull and did not stand out much. I don't even recall seeing that AD when I first flipped through the Thursday paper earlier in the week and only noticed it after councilor Godwin Chan pointed it out to me this Sunday. So maybe, GO Transit needs to hire a better AD agency to provide more Eye-Catching Ads?

Here's my long rambling letter, along with 2 others that pointed out the need for more publicity on the Airport Express Bus available to Richmond Hill residents and nearby residents of other municipalities.

Here's GO Transit's rather dull AD. Would you have noticed it? I remember seeing the more visual AD for composting and the little guy on the lower part of the paper promoting some Car Insurance. I had to go back for a second look to see the GO Transit Ad which I did not notice at all in my first browse through, much less the teeny tiny one-line advertisement of Richmond Hill's Airport Express Bus Route.


Connie said...

thats so cool, finally your voice is being heard! too bad the photo's text is soo small, and the newspaper medium is disappearing like the dinosaurs, they should publish this online (if they havent done so).

that advertisment isnt effective, my eyes would deceive me and think it was some kind of green initiative from some company for increase their corporate social responsibility or something like that, plus, they put in such an awkward place where people wouldnt notice ... i'd think it would work better if it wasnt placed with all the other ads, too much competition, plus, the RBC mascot looks more appealing than a green block

Joanie.S said...

I fixed it now. If you want to view the text of the letter, click the picture and it will show up big.