Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Girls' Birthday Celebration

Readers of this blog may find the above picture familiar if you are also a follower of my hubby's blog, over at where he recently posted about removing undesireable subject matter from an otherwise perfectly good picture by using Photoshop. He did an amazing job. So, pictured above is the edited version of the whole gang after enjoying an "All You Can Eat Feast" at China Buffet King in celebration of the March Girls' Birthdays.

Here are the 3 Girls celebrating a birthday in March. My very generous big sister Irene (in white) and b-i-l Wayne treated her daughter, me and my family, as well as my other sister together with her family to this fabulous buffet.

Here are my 2 boys with my sister and her daughter.

Here's my first plate. A sushi boat filled with assorted sashimi, sushi, maki rolls, some mango salad and some soba noodle.

Here's another plate with some Peking Duck in a pancake wrap and a chicken drumstick (a traditional chinese birthday treat).

Back at my place afterwards, to indulge in a Rich Decadent Chocolate Cake. Yes, we managed to squeeze in more food after the monstrous meal we just had. Who can refuse chocolate really?

Sharing a laugh or two with my sister over birthday cake and other treats.

These are some Mochi Balls I got as a birthday present. I love mochi balls, especially when they are freshly made. These packaged ones are almost as good and came in sesame seed, peanut butter and red bean flavours. My favourite is still the traditional freshly made red bean (azuki) mochi balls. So soft, cute and yummy.

Here were the gifts we exchanged with each other. I had wanted to post some close-ups of the Orchid Plant and a cute pop-up card had I bought along with a birthday charm I had made for my sister, but I lost a lot of pictures due to picture overload and other technical problems beyond my control.
Sometimes all these techie problems can be very frustrating and that is one of the reasons why I don't post as often as I do. But after reading some other blogs, I get my inspiration back and restart again. One of those inspirations came from Serena at I love her format where everyday, she posts a new CSOTD (Creative Somthing Of The Day). I highly recommend everyone to check out her daily whimsical illustrations there.

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