Sunday, March 29, 2009

Korea Town North

Becuase I've been slacking off with my blogging lately, I'll try to do some catch up with a double post today. My first entry will be about Korea Town North (the stretch of Yonge Street between Finch and Steele) and my second entry will be about the "March Girls' Birthday Celebration".

Everyday, on my way to work, going south on Yonge Street towards Finch Avenue, I always pass by a restaurant called "Hell's Chicken". I was curious enough to finally drop by recently to check it out. The restaurant was obviously a ripoff of the popular cooking TV show called "Hell's Kitchen".

I had expected from reading a few scant reviews on this Korean enterprise that Hell's Chicken might be a family runned Chicken Wing take-out type of eatery but upon entering the place, it turned out to be more of a Sports Bar, catering to the beer drinking crowd. That being not my scene, I made a quick exit. But at least my curiosity has now been satisfied. Below is a picture of the Eatery called Hell's Chicken.

Since we were already in the area, we made our way over to the Galleria Supermarket. This place is like one big giant supermarket selling pretty much everything you will find straight out of a supermarket in Korea. They even stock products from Japan. Everytime I visit this place, it always takes me back to our visits to Tokyo, where we were astounded by the large array of delightful products found there. Below is but a small sampling of what can be found at the Galleria Supermarket.

Korean Maki Rolls (Not quite as good as Japanese Maki Rolls)

But their Sushi Rolls can't be beat, especially all selling at $0.58 a piece. Among our favourites are Masago, Roasted Eel, Salmon,(pictured above), Surf Clam and Otopus.

Below are some freshly made meal packages that you have to pay for first before you can microwave them.

An assortment of meals made in single servings or family size servings.

Some Spicy Squid Balls

Deep Fried Chicken (Chicken Katsu)

Seasoned Fishcake. These are great served hot with rice or noodles or even served cold as a filling inside rice paper rolls (Fresh spring rolls).

Here's their Newest Arrival

All the ingredients you need, all ready to go into a Yummy Ham & Kimchi Stew. Just add water. I'm not so sure that the slice of Kraft Cheese (in the upper left hand corner) should be included in this stew. Sounds kinda gross to me.

Know of any good recipes for this item?

How about this one?

Some Korean Style Refreshment

I love these fun drinks

These ones were very good too.

These bottled beverage definitely reminded me of Toyko where they often entice customers with some sort of Toy Giveaway included with the drink. That's what I love about the Japanese. They have so many fun and creative ways to sell their products.

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