Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday this year and that made it easy to celebrate with all the loved ones in my family. Our day began with a Valentine’s Day Brunch of pancakes, beef patties, & fruit (all heart-shaped, of course). I had a lot of fun preparing the Special Valentine’s Breakfast Brunch because I finally got to use 2 of the kitchen gadgets I got for Christmas. Afterwards, we exchanged Cards and Valentine Treats.

The previous week, Derek and I had a lot of fun making some cookies just for this occasion. I gave some of the Valentine cookies away to my favourite Niece, Patricia and her very creative friend, Serena, whom I was fortunate enough to have finally met. Serena gave me a lot of ideas on how to pursue my love of arts and crafts and I thank her very much for that.

If you are interested to view some of Serena’s very whimsical artwork, please go to: or visit her blog at:

I also brought some of the Valentine cookies for a “Valentine’s Day/Family Day/Long Weekend/Goodbye to Ataun” Potluck lunch party held on Friday the 13th, at my workplace. I shall be posting a separate post for Ataun’s going away party tomorrow.

So, for our afternoon snack, we ate the remainder of the Valentine’s Day cookies, along with some of the Valentines Treats and served it with some “Love Spell” Green Tea. The “Love Spell” Green Tea is a Fresh Green Organic Sencha Tea containing some very fine ingredients such as Thai Papaya Chunks, Coconut Chips, Red Sugar Hearts, Pineapple Bits, Safflower and Fruit Flavours. The Tea looked beautiful and tasted heavenly.

For dinner, we had wanted to visit our favourite Vietnamese Restaurant (Kim Po), but their menu indicated that all their Vermicelli dishes are served with peanuts. We’ve been to this restaurant many times in the past and Derek, who is allergic to peanuts, had never suffered any allergy attacks while eating here. But with the new warning on their menu, we decided not to take any chances and to try our luck elsewhere. We checked out the nearby Richmond Court where it always serves good food with big portions and we weren’t disappointed in that department. Too bad we couldn’t say the same for the service. We had to ask three times for tea refills before one of the nicer waiters came along to serve us. All in all, I still had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

The amazing Kitchen Wizard. It's a salad server, strainer and flipper, all in 1. I actually used it for whipping eggs while making the pancake batter. I also got to used the Heart Shape Ring with a handle to form the heart shaped pancakes.

Special Heart-Shaped Brunch included pancakes, hamburger patty with cheddar cheese, strawberries and mango.

The Hamburger Patty with the Heart Shape cut-out was fun to eat also.

Colin and Derek enjoying their Brunch

Valentine Gift Exchange

Here are all the goodies for the whole family to enjoy.

I'm not sure what turtles have to do with Valentines Day but Derek insisted that turtles be included for this special occasion. It's all above Love. And Derek loves his turtles.

Here's a trayful of some of the cookies we created.

We served the cookies with this "Love Spell" Tea.

The food was really good at Richmond Court, especially the Beef Fried Noodles.

Here we are enjoying a romantic dinner at a local Chinese Restaurant with our kids.


Anastasia said...

I don't understand how you could look SO YOUNG Joan.

I showed your pic to my mother and she thought that you are totally my generation!

I told her girls stay young in Canada, hope that's one motivation for her to come live with me...

Joanie.S said...

Awww, thanks Anastasia.

You should definitely convince your mom to join you in Canada. Tell her life is less stressful here,(as long as you don't have to work in Reorg), and that the Canadian Air will keep her youthful looking.