Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ataun's "Farewell" Bash

February, Friday the 13th, 2009. That day marked Ataun's last day with Reorg. She started in Reorg exactly 4.5 years ago on August, Friday the 13th, 2004. Coincidence? I think not! I believe that Friday the 13th just happens to be Ataun's favourite day.

Well, if you know Ataun, you'll know that "Stewie Griffin" from "Family Guy" is her "Role Model" One of Stewie's famous catch phrase: "Victory Shall be Mine" is the same Motto that Ataun lives by. She relishes the fact that she will one day take over the world, through EVIL means or otherwise. Is she delusional or is she for real? Warning to all. Appearances can be deceiving. Ataun may look pretty and sweet, but what sort of sinister scheming and planning goes on inside that pretty head of hers?!?!?!? All I can say is, the day she does take over the world, you better be on her good side and she will spare you an easy and painless death. Sorry Ataun, please spare me but I do have to warn others.

All kidding aside, Ataun has decided to go back to school to hone her skills further and then return to the workplace, ready to pounce! So Watch out World!

On her last day, Ataun brought in some assorted sweets called "Burfi". They were so colourful and pretty and very yummy too. I'm not much for super sweets, but I really enjoyed the square pieces covered in chopped pistachio nuts. They tasted so creamy and so mmm....mmm....good.

In a tribute to her favourite imaginary friend, I made Ataun a "Stewie Griffin" Valentine cookie as her "Going Away" present. It depicts Stewie presenting her with a ribbon decorated Valentine Balloon that seemingly says "Ataun, Be Mine", but once the ribbons get unwrapped, it reveals the full message: "Farewell Ataun, Victory Shall be Mine". I hope that she enjoys the mixed messages and will cherish it.

As well, we presented her with assorted gifts for her upcoming "Scholarly Days" and beach wear for her trip to Cuba (the lucky girl). But I think the best gift of all was a Collage of some of the great friends she had made over the years. She leaves behind many happy and humorous moments. Life in Reorg will definitely not be so lively without her.

After work, many of her nearest and dearest friends that she had befriended over the short time that she was with us gathered together to wish her well. The private room we reserved for the occasion was jam-packed with people. Ataun is one popular gal! The few pictures I took at Ataun's Farewell Bash represented only a handful of the people who attended Ataun's Farewell Party, but I'm sure there will be many more posted by all the other well-wishers on Facebook and elsewhere.

There will be a HUGE gaping hole now that she's gone. So sad :(..... We will all miss her dearly. Ataun has been such a strong presence in so many people's lives, she will not be easily forgotten and we all hope that we will always be a part of her life in the future.

Farwell Ataun. Please come visit often.

Ataun brought in some sweets called "Burfi". So colourful, just like her.

A "Stewie " Valentine cookie for Ataun

Stewie's famous catch phrase: "Victory Shall be Mine" is Ataun's Motto to live by.

After Ataun took away the "A"s from her name, Beatriz spelled the word "NUT". How appropriate.

Ataun's "Farewell" Card

Best wishes from some of her friends who managed to squeeze their messages in.

Parting gifts & Cake for Ataun

A collage of friends she hung out with over the years

Ataun, back at the desk she started out in.

Caught her in the act, trying to lift a stapler. Notice, she is trying to look innocent?

The Bulletin Writing Team

The girls finally get to meet Mike from the Discount Brokerage Dept.

A bunch of friends raising their glasses to Ataun.

Ataun holding up very well, after her 5th shot.

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