Saturday, October 18, 2008

Toronto Waldorf School/Village Market

Well, it's another beautiful gorgeous autumn weekend. Not as warm as last week, but still wonderful and sunny. We decided to visit the Toronto Waldorf School where they run a Farmer's Market year round every Saturday morning. The School is located on one of the best piece of woodland in Richmond Hill, just south of Rutherford Road on Bathurst Street. Just next to the school is a very pretty garden, where you can sit and relax while listening to the babbling waterfall beside a wooden bench. You can even park your bike at a nearby garage built just for bicycles. One of these days, I'm gonna get myself a good used bike and ride here. This place is probably a 15 minute bike ride from my home.

The school is surrounded by woodland and we wandered around into the forest, taking in the beauty of Autumn. Afterwards, we made our way back into the school where various local farmers were selling their organic harvest including Organic Beef, alongside vendors selling their baked goods, and other homemade goods and crafts. Maybe, I'll be a vendor here some day, selling some of my own homemade goods, like my pretty jars of tasty pickled daikon, lemon squares, or little cute crafts. I was quite enthralled by those adorable little lavender mice being sold at a booth dedicated to all things lavender. We ended up buying a Jamaican Squash which will be turned into a Beef and Pumpkin Stew with black bean sauce. Hmmm... black bean sauce. I also bought some of Chef Fancesco's homemade crackers made with sesame seeds, flax seeds and sundried tomatoes. I thought they tasted quite good.

We passed along a sheep farm on our way back home. Geez, I've been living in Richmond Hill for over 20 years now and this is the first time I noticed that there was a sheep farm so close to us. We need to explore our neighbourhood more.


Anastasia said...

I LOVE your signiture! LOVE the Chinese characters, your last name is totally blue blood.

So a new girl's introduced huh? she is hot, i mean HOT, wondering what she would be like in real life...

Love your pictures, your boys've all grown up!

Joanie.S said...

Thanks Anastasia.

What makes you think that the Seto name is blue blood? Dick always told me that the Seto Name belonged to high ranking officials working closely with the emperors in olden times. I always thought he was just joshing me.

Yeah, I try my best to depict all the girls in my comic strip to be pretty sharp looking. It's easy when I'm surrounded by so many good looking people at work.