Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dogwood Bunny

Yay!!! We're in the middle of spring now. In another week, I can finally transplant my tomato seedlings outdoors without fear of overnight frost. In the meantime, here are some signs that spring is in full swing.

Spring showers bring May flowers...

... and lots of lots of those dreaded dandelions. Although they do look rather pretty, all sprinkled across the lawn, they do tend to take over unless we pluck a whole bunch of them out in these early days.

There. Got rid of the whole lot, using the old-fashioned method of digging them out with weeding tools. Nothing toxic touches my lawn, if I can help it.

Hey, what's that hiding under the dogwood bush????

Why, it's a cute cuddly bunny!!!!!

It's hopping off to look for something yummy to eat.

Looks like it has settled on a fine patch of dandelions to dine on.

Mmmmm... dandelions. Nom, nom, nom. I sure could use a hundred more of these bunnies. They're the perfect organic weed killers.

Ahhhh. Time to lay back and stretch.

Enjoy your afternoon nap, bunny.

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