Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days

For the Eve of Chinese New Year, Torontonians were warned to brace ourselves for a Snow Storm with between 25-30 cm of snow expected to accumulate by the evening. So far, we only saw a mere 8 cm of snow accumulated by early noon-time,which we easily cleared within half an hour. But snow is starting to fall again as I type.

Due to the dire warnings and announcements of school closings all across the GTA, February 2, 2011 was declared a Snow Day. The first Snow Day announced since January 1999. Wow! Remember January 1999 when Mayor Mel called in the Army to dig us out from under 40 cm of accumulated snow? Ever since that day, Torontonians have been endlessly jeered by the rest of Canada for being wimps. Imagine what the rest of Canada thinks of us now!

Personally, I think it's nice to have a Snow Day. Why should we all scramble out and fight through the snow if we don't have to? Why not stay home and just have some fun in the snow right in our own backyard? Heck, if people in Orillia can have 5 to 8 Snow Days on average a year, why can't Torontonians enjoy a Snow Day every 12 years or so? So come on, denizens of the GTA, kick back your snow boots and relax and enjoy your Snow Day!

Our neighbour was just finishing up as our family leisurely strolled out just before noon to shovel our driveway.

All the men came out in full force to attack the snow shovelling.

Colin seems to think shovelling snow in my direction will dissuade me from taking pictures of them.

Whoa! That snow is flying in my direction a little too close. No one ever appreciates what a dangerous job we paparazzis must endure in order to report a good story.

Time to retreat and report on "Snow Days" from the past.

Here we were back in 1999, digging out our little Spruce Tree. It was just a baby tree back then, just like my little ones.

Good Job! We can almost see the bottom of the tree now.

Aaaah, time for a break.

After hours of shovelling, we made a snowbank so high, that Derek had to go mountain climbing in order to get to the top. Colin is already walking along the top of the snowbank ridge.

Once at the top, Derek came sliding back down. It made for a fun tobaggan run.

Colin had fun sliding down too, sans toboggan. Those were the good ole days when a Snow Day really was a Snow Day.


Connie said...

At least you enjoyed the snow in the comfort of your own home! It be cool if you had before an after pictures of you the family back then versus now in the same pose! Your spruce tree would be taller and everyone would be looking up!

Joanie.S said...

That would be cool but try telling 2 teenage boys to pose for a picture. It ain't gonna happen. I was lucky I even got any pictures of them.