Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Like most Canadians, I'm not all that patriotic. I'm not one to fly the Canadian flag proudly nor brag about Canada. Canadians may not be exciting nor flashy, but for the most part, we are quite a happy bunch and don't feel compelled to tell the rest of the world how great Canada is. Nevertheless, I will say this much. I'm ever so glad to be a Canadian!

My family came to Canada over 40 years ago from Hong Kong and I'm extremely grateful to call Canada my homeland. Aside from the weather, I really have no other complaints. Canada offers many things that very few places in the world can offer. Some of these most cherished things are: a high level of Freedom, abundant clean land with lots of open space and much of it still in its natural state, a stable government, and particularly in Toronto, a wide diversity of cultures that get along so well together because of our high level of acceptance and respect for each other (the Envy of the World, really). I could go on but these are the main reasons I feel so fortunate and I do love living here.

So, no fireworks for me tonight, no flag waving, no singing of the National Anthem. I'm thinking maybe it's time for a new National Anthem anyways. You all have to admit, "Oh Canada" is a rather boring anthem. The words sure could use some updating. I'm not so sure that too many of us would really "Stand on Guard for Thee". It sounds too militaristic.

I did spend Canada Day enjoying my favourite activities like gardening, cross stitching and other crafts. To commemorate the day, I made an Origami Box with pages from the LCBO booklet. Here's to Good Ole Canada.

I also took time out to visit the local Farmer's Market.

There were lots of fresh produce to sample.

These all tasted mighty fresh.

Some booths offered freshly made baked goods.

I haven't had a soft butter pretzel in ages.

One of the very friendly vendors offered me a large piece of white nectarine to sample. Even though there were "Foodland Ontario" logos everywhere, I found out that these white nectarines I picked up were actually from the USA. Oh well, maybe later in the summer, there will be more Ontario Farm produce. We only have a very short growing season, after all.

Here are some very tropical looking plants I'm pretty sure aren't native to Ontario. A Pineapple Plant and some Banana Plants?!?!!

These are some of the goodies I picked up. Nectarines from the USA, a cheese and tomato foccacia, a soft German Pretzel, some Greek pastries. (see what I mean about the diversity).

I couldn't resist and picked up the Pineapple Plant. Unfortunately, the pineapple is not edible but if I can manage to keep it alive for the long term, it should make for a great conversation piece.

It'll feel right at home next to the Mimosa Plant, another tropical plant that is native to South and Central America. That's why I love Canada. I can easily enjoy so many foreign items from faraway places right here in my little corner of Canada.

This is as Canadian as I got to celebrating Canada Day. Enjoying a butter tart topped with strawberries and Cream. According to Wikipedia, A butter tart is a type of pastry best known as a Canadian treat. The strawberries came from my very own Canadian Garden and the whipped cream is made by a company called Saputo, based in Montreal, Quebec. Can't get more Canadian than that. Happy Canada Day Eh?

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